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Many languagesMultilingua was launched in 2007 to provide a one-stop service in Devon where people can come for help with interpreting and translation in a range of languages.

New interpreters are joining us all the time so please get in touch if the language you are looking for is not listed below.

At the moment, we can offer expertise in the following languages:

Arabic   Bengali   Belarusian   Bulgarian   Cantonese   Czech   Dari   Farsi   Finnish   French   German   Greek  Gujarati   Hindi   Hungarian Italian    Korean   Kurdish (all dialects) Latvian Lithuanian   Malay   Malayalam   Mandarin   Marathi   Mongolian   Pashto    Polish Portuguese  Punjabi  Romanian   Russian   Serbo-Croat   Slovak   Spanish   Swedish   Tagalog   Thai   Turkish  Ukranian Urdu   Vietnamese

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