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Cultural Advocacy

Workshops for Frontline Workers in the Public Services

opportunity to speak & ask questions to interpreters from different cultures


Date: TBC
Time: 9.30am - 1.00pm
Location: 15 York Road, Exeter, EX4 6BA
Contact details: 01392 276660 /
Cost of the course: £35 +VAT per person

We have designed this training to help bridge cultural gaps and misunderstandings that both service providers and their BME clients may face.

We offer a comprehensive service, covering a vast range of ethnic groups, cultures, languages and sectors. We are aware of the problems and frustrations faced both by the migrant clients and the service providers. This workshop is especially useful for service providers who visit their clients at home.

We can also run tailor-made cultural awareness workshops for a specific public service on request. eg. Benefits, Housing, Health & Social Services, Childrens Centre's, Women's Aid, Police & Probation

The Cultural Advocacy for Public Services workshop will help to:

•gain a greater understanding of how culture impacts on communication and language issues
• learn how to communicate effectively and how to overcome language barriers
• understand the cultural implications of your decisions
• identify the cultural differences and develop strategies to work more effectively with clients from other cultures in a culturally sensitive manner
• treat your clients that come from other nations, religions and ethnic groups with cultural sensitivity
• understand social customs & rules
• enhance competence in inter-cultural interaction
• how to book interpreters and how to make best use of them to overcome these barriers

The feedback we have received during and after the last course has been really positive and has clearly illustrated that participants' understanding of the concept of 'culture' and their level of cultural awareness has increased. Participants have also indicated that their knowledge of minority groups in Devon has been raised in addition to the ability to understand and work more effectively with BME families. They have also learnt how to make BME communities aware of their service.Their knowledge of different languages and where they are spoken and how to use interpreters have increased immensely.They appreciated the opportunity to be able to speak to interpreters from different countries, all participants found this very interesting and enlightening.